• Drawings taking place along a railroad can be seen in the Butterfly graphic lyrics book!

    • My side hurt so badly it seemed to be tearing. Sweat fell in drops. In the nooks and crannies of the railroad, in the vacant lot behind the convenience store, under the overpass--the girl was nowhere to be found. I had even run to the bus stop, but as expected I didn't see her. The people waiting for their buses looked at me strangely. What had happened? We hadn't promised to meet, but it was still strange. That girl always appeared from somewhere and followed me around. Even if I told her it was annoying, it was no use. But now she was nowhere to be found, even in the places we used to go together.

      I came to a familiar wall and slowed my steps. There was graffiti there we had drawn together. It was the first thing she had ever drawn. On top of it there was a large "X" drawn. It was her. I hadn't seen her do it, but I knew. Why? There was no response. Instead, several after-images overlapped on the wall.

      Her laughing at me after I had laid down on the railroad tracks and hit my head. Her helping me up after I'd fallen trying to help her run away, her angry face after I'd stolen and eaten her bread. Her cloudy expression when we passed in front of a photo studio with a family photo in the window. Her gaze following the students we passed by, unbeknownst even to her. As we had sprayed this wall together I had said, "if you have a problem, tell me about it, don't just grumble to yourself." The X was drawn over all those memories. It seemed like it was saying all of it was fake. It seemed like it was saying they were all lies. Without realizing, I had made my hands into fists. Why? Of course there was no response. I kept walking. We were alone again. Me, and her.


      The Notes 1: 花樣年華 [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life]

      • SEOKJIN YEAR 22 AUGUST 15:

        Seokjin recounts how he first met the girl , one month ago (July 11th) by the railroad tracks after visiting Jungkook at the hospital. As he contemplates how lonely he feels, he sees the girl crossing the tracks towards him. She drops her diary which contained her wish list, and one of the things in it was a clipping of the Smeraldo Flower and a paragraph from The Art Of Loving by Erich Fromm. Seokjin tries to do a lot of things from the book with her for the following month. He also finds the Smeraldo Flower Shop and arranges for their delivery on August 30.

        Although he knows that he is doing the wrong thing, he is unable to come clean because he is afraid the girl might leave him. He says he wants to make her happy and confess his love for her. He decides to confess on August 30 during the Firework display at the Yangji River because it's her favorite time and her favorite place.

      • YOONGI YEAR 22 AUGUST 30:

        Yoongi gets off a bus and walks along the railroad tracks to reach Namjoon’s container. He says he saw Taehyung while he was on the bus. He assumes the others are coming. He says he completed the piece of music he showed to Hoseok after making a few changes and named it “Hope.” He thinks that the title doesn’t match the contents, as it contains his fear, cowardice, and inferiority. It contains all the moments he tried to avoid yet he says he can’t think of any other word that would encompass it all. Then he notices someone in front of the container who he guesses might be Jimin. Someone calls his name from behind so he turns to look.


        Jungkook arrives at the container early, and decides to sit on the platform across the railroad instead of going in. He has mixed feelings about meeting everyone and he is constantly reminded of the day he met with an accident. He crosses the railroad after he sees Jimin, Yoongi and Hoseok arriving. Then, the first set of fireworks burst into the night sky.

      • YOONGI YEAR 22 JULY 28:

        After the mountain, Yoongi had suffered chills for two days continuously, and finally woke up in the afternoon. He goes to the hospital to get an I.V. and then checks Jimin’s message in the group while in the restroom. As he makes his way back along the railroad, he arrives at a bus stop. In the distance, there is an unfinished building , next to which is the music shop that came in his dreams. This time the fire, the piano seems like a distant past. He remembers Hoseok’s words about how the others were hurting too. Hoseok had always pushed him and encouraged him, but this time it felt different. He checked Jimin’s message again , but Hoseok had still not replied. Yoongi feels guilty of letting Hoseok down. Hoseok had always been the one to pull him back when he went too astray but he had never completely looked away. It feels irreversible.