• The amusement park can be seen in the Save Me graphic lyrics book!

    • When I counted to three, I heard the sound of laughter like a hallucination. The next moment, the young me passed by, holding someone's hands. I looked back quickly but there was no one there except my classmates, staring at me. "Hoseok-ah." The teacher called my name. Only then did I realize where I was. It was a class field trip. I was counting the fruits that were drawn in the textbook. Five, six. I kept counting, but as I did my voice trembled and my hands grew sweaty. The memory of that time kept surfacing.

      I couldn't clearly remember my mother's face, that day. I only remembered the chocolate bar she gave me as we looked around the amusement park. "Hoseok-ah. Count to ten and then open your eyes." When I had finished counting and opened my eyes, my mother was gone. I waited and waited, but she never returned. I had only counted to nine. If I counted one more it would be fine, but my voice wouldn't come out. My ears were ringing and my surroundings grew cloudy. The teacher kept pointing, telling me to keep counting. My friends were staring at me. I couldn't remember my mother's face. It seemed like if I counted one more, my mother would really never come back for me.

      Just like that, I collapsed to the ground.


      The Notes 1: 花樣年華 [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life]

      • HOSEOK YEAR 22 MAY 10:

        Hoseok is explaining that his narcolepsy occurs anytime, anywhere. Everytime he blacks out, he has the same dream. In the dream he is 7 and on a bus ride to the amusement park, with his mother. As he is excitedly reading the signs, the scenery shifts and he is now 20, and he feels like his mother is still there by his side. The woman in his dreams is about to turn her head, but Hoseok pleads her not to. The moment she does, there is blinding white light and Hoseok returns to consciousness. He is a hospital room this time. The doctor told him he had a bad concussion and he was transferred to a 6 person room. Hoseok feels tired after regaining consciousness.