I only had one hint. The map of the soul. Words that were unfamiliar, which gave me not the slightest idea what it was or what I was supposed to do with it. Even so, I needed a starting point for something, and I hoped that the 'map of the soul' would be that for me. But it wasn't so. I made countless loops and did plenty of searching about the map of the soul. But everything slipped through my hands. Looking back, the time this all started had been that way too “do you think you can fix all your mistakes and wrongs and save everyone?” When I had nodded my head in response to this question. I had no idea what I would suffer.

    I turned away from the dusty-covered books that filled the shelves and left the used bookstore. When I went up the stairs into the alley, cherry blossoms were flying. I suddenly felt like I had been here before. And I looked behind myself. The basement entrance of the bookstore was dark, and the sign wasn't even visible. Maybe I had confused it with a different bookstore. I had come to countless bookstores and libraries to search for a hint about the map of the soul. There wasn't much to say about what I found, combing through bibliographies and keywords on the internet. Maybe in that process I had visited this bookstore too or at least a bookstore like this one.

    I headed toward the car at the entrance of the alley. I started the engine and put my hands on the wheel, but I didn't know where I had to go from here.