Hoseok hyung's house was in a very high area. A rooftop room of a deadlocked house at the end of a narrow, winding alley, some distance walking from a larger street--that was hyung's house. When I went into the house, which was only one room, hyung bragged that it was the top floor in the whole city, from which could be seen all of the places where we had grown up, laid out under our feet. As hyung said, all sorts of things were visible from his rooftop room. The nearby train station could be seen, and along the train tracks, the containers were also visible. Namjoon hyung was living in one of those. And if I moved my gaze a little more, the school we had all attended came into view.

    After finding the school, I lifted my head and looked at the other side of the city. At the foot of the mountain, there was a line of large apartment buildings. There was my--no, my parents' house. I had run away from the hospital without a word. My parents would have been contacted. Maybe they were looking for me now. I didn't yet have the confidence to see my parents face to face. I had left the hospital but I couldn't yet go home. That didn't mean I wanted to go back to the hospital. But I had nowhere to go and no money. I had stood hesitantly, and hyung had told me to follow him, then led the way. The place we had arrived was here, hyung's house.

    I returned my gaze to the apartment buildings. I had to go there eventually. I had to see my parents and tell them I wouldn't go back to the hospital. I took a deep breath. It seemed like that thought alone would cause a seizure. Truthfully, I didn't trust myself to endure any place other than the hospital. I could be rushed to the hospital again. I was so afraid I couldn't stand it.


    The Notes 1: 花樣年華 [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life]

    • JIMIN YEAR 22 JULY 3:

      Jimin observes that Hoseok had been in a bad mood ever since he heard of Jungkook’s accident. He would come to practice but just stay in one corner. Jimin then narrates how he had come to join Just Dance club on Hoseok’s encouragement after the beach visit. In the Dance Club, Hoseok has a dance partner that he had found in the orphanage itself. The girl was good at dancing and often made him smile. Jimin looks at videos of Hoseok dancing and wishes to improve his dancing.

      Jimin had been fond of dancing since little, however regular hospital stays ended up making his body stiff and he was not as fluid as before. Therefore he practices hard, even after others leave.

      He remembers how his parents reacted to him arriving home. Scared of what repercussions he will face from his parents, Jimin had decided to make a commitment to something he likes.

      At night, Jimin practices turns in front of the mirror. He wants to impress his new partner, and do well instead of just ‘not bad’.

    • HOSEOK YEAR 22 MAY 22:

      Hoseok calls Jimin to leave the lodge. Jimin takes a look at the mess they had left behind and starts walking outside. As he walks, Jimin realizes that the beach was the same one they had visited when in school. He calls out to Jungkook to share his discovery but Jungkook was already sprinting ahead. He thinks that Jungkook has grown up from the boy who used to lag behind and look up to others. He reaches the intersection- left will take him to the train station and right towards his house. Jimin realizes he has to confront his parents someday and own up to his lies and fears. He sees Yoongi exit for the left and turns right. Hoseok calls for him, but Jimin tells him that he is going home now.

    • JIMIN YEAR 22 MAY 16:

      Jimin describes Hoseok’s house- it is situated at a hillside - the topmost room of a multi family building. Hoseok boasted to Jimin that he had the topmost view of the city and Jimin agrees. From the house, Jimin looks below at the rail tracks, containers along the rail tracks, Namjoon’s container, the school. His gaze goes a little farther and sees his house perched at the bottom of the mountain, beyond the river. Jimin worries about facing his parents and thinks it is better to stay with Hoseok for now. However he realizes he has to meet his parents someday and tell them that he is not going back to the hospital.