• A music shop can be seen in the You Never Walk Alone graphic lyrics book and in the Run graphic lyrics book!

    • I stopped walking at the clumsy sound of a piano. The only sound in the empty construction site was the popping of a fire someone had lit in an oil drum. I knew the sound of the song I had just played, but why had I thought of that? My drunken footsteps stumbled. I closed my eyes and walked even more carelessly. As the heat of the fire grew stronger, the piano sound, the night air, and my intoxication all grew fainter.

      I opened my eyes at the sudden sound of a horn, just as a car grazed narrowly past me. In the confusion of the headlights' brightness, the wind of the car's passing, and my own drunkenness, I stumbled helplessly. I heard the driver curse at me. As I came to a stop, prepared to curse right back, I suddenly realized I could no longer hear the sound of the piano. Amidst the sound of the fire blazing, the wind, the silence left in the wake of the car, the piano sound was gone. It seemed to have stopped. Why had it stopped? Who was playing it?

      The sparks from the fire surged forth from the drum barrel with a sharp noise. I looked at it for a long moment, spaced out. My face became hot with its warmth. It was at that moment that I heard the clanging sound of a fist slamming down onto the piano keys. On instinct, I looked behind me. For a moment, my blood rushed so strongly that my breathing became erratic. The nightmares from when I was young. It was like a sound I had heard there.

      In the next moment, I was running. Without any will of mine, I ran toward the music shop, my body turning of its own volition to look behind. I felt, somehow, like this was something I had repeated countless times before. It was a sensation of having forgotten something important.

      The music store with its broken window. Someone was sitting in front of the piano. Although many years had passed, I recognized them in an instant. They were crying, their hands curled into fists. I didn't want to be concerned with someone else's life. I didn't want to comfort anyone else's loneliness. I didn't want to become a person who meant something to anyone. I had no confidence that I could protect that person. I didn't have the confidence to be at their side til the end. I didn't want to hurt them. I didn't want to be hurt.

      I walked slowly. I intended to turn back and leave, but I approached before I knew it. A wrong note rang out. Jungkook lifted his head and looked at me. "Hyung." It was our first time seeing each other since quitting high school.


      The Notes 1: 花樣年華 [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life]

      • YOONGI YEAR 22 JULY 28:

        After the mountain, Yoongi had suffered chills for two days continuously, and finally woke up in the afternoon. He goes to the hospital to get an I.V. and then checks Jimin’s message in the group while in the restroom. As he makes his way back along the railroad, he arrives at a bus stop. In the distance, there is an unfinished building , next to which is the music shop that came in his dreams. This time the fire, the piano seems like a distant past. He remembers Hoseok’s words about how the others were hurting too. Hoseok had always pushed him and encouraged him, but this time it felt different. He checked Jimin’s message again , but Hoseok had still not replied. Yoongi feels guilty of letting Hoseok down. Hoseok had always been the one to pull him back when he went too astray but he had never completely looked away. It feels irreversible.

      • YOONGI YEAR 22 JUNE 15:

        Yoongi wakes up from a dream. He had been working on a piano piece for several nights, the result of which was that the melody haunted him in his dream. In his dream he was near his apartment, covered in dense fog, and picked up a piano key.As soon as he did that the scenery changed to a workroom- memories come to him of playing piano with Jungkook, followed by memories of the beach-visit.

        When he wakes up there is a banging on his door. A girl who has become his music partner frequents his workroom often. She evaluated his work harshly and nagged him to finish it. She even makes him give up smoking. This provoked him, and he began working harder on his music, ignoring calls and messages and staying up all night to compose. When he is done, the girl compliments him but this complement reminds him of Jungkook. The woman reminds him to meet her at the hospital tomorrow for her guitar performance.

        He gets a call from Jimin. The call reminds him of his dream in which his house caught fire, and a scene from his mother’s unlit room in which she is blaming him. Yoongi rushes to the hospital to see Jungkook , remembering Jimin’s words that Jungkook had almost died.

        All of this reminds him of his dream, the fire and his mother’s words. He is not sure if his mother said it or someone else did, but the words haunted him to this day, and he begins to wonder if he was to blame for Jungkook’s accident. He wonders if he had ignored him at the music shop that day, would the accident have still happened. As he leaves, he hears the melody of a guitar. The sound of guitar overlaps with sounds of fire, piano and other sounds in Yoongi’s head. He runs away from the hospital to get away from the overwhelming sound.