• Seokjin’s House can be seen in the You Never Walk Alone graphic lyrics book and in the Butterfly graphic lyrics book!

    • All at once, the images in the photos on the floor appeared to move. Jungkook turned around to look at me, as if he had heard the sound of Hoseok and Jimin's laughter. In the next moment, I could hear Yoongi's piano. Namjoon and Taehyung laughed and ran on the beach. Those moments lifted from the photos and hovered in the air like a movie. There was music and bursts of laughter in the bright sunshine moment after moment overlapped and movie after movie played, and it felt like something unidentifiable was released from my heart. It flowed through my veins into each corner of my body. Some kind of dam in my head crumbled and memories gushed forth like a flood. They whirled around my head so furiously I couldn't come to my senses. The entire room was alight with memories. Sad memories, nostalgic memories, troubling memories, and enjoyable memories eddied around me. As I watched them. I felt something unbelievable. How could I have forgotten all of these moments? Then I saw it. Something was shimmering inside my pocket.


      If you enter my father's study, there's an interesting painting. A precarious wooden raft atop the surging waves of the open sea. People abandoned there, with neither food nor drink. Neither compass nor hope. People who out of thirst and hunger, fear and loathing, horror and greed, suck each other's blood and kill each other and, in the process, kill themselves too.

      When I was young, I was so afraid of this painting that I didn't go into the study. I even wondered why my father would have hung such an awful painting on the wall. But as time passed, the painting gradually became just a part of the study, not the subject of fear or concern.

      Instead, I developed a different fear. That was the fear of the room on the other side of the door inside the study. Neither the door nor room was anything special. It wasn't locked with a padlock or code, and what lay behind was only an extension of the study. If there were anything special about it, it was only that it had a lot of books--the bookshelves were packed with papers and books from my father's high school days and onward. I called that room the 'interior room.'

      The interior room was a place where my father could go alone to gather his thoughts or come up with new ideas, and other than him. Nobody else went inside. I had gone inside the room only once. And even though I was young, I had known. That wasn't simply a study full of books. At a glance, the books placed in no particular order and the carelessly-stacked boxes and docu-ments only seemed to be human. I felt no warmth from the paper, and there was no emotion even in the paintings or photographs. Even just standing in the center of the room and looking up at the bookshelves, I felt a sense of intimidation that made my whole body feel as if it were crumbling.

      I don't remember there being any commotion over me having entered (although there may have been one), but from some point onward I stopped going into the room. Once or twice, I went as far as to stand in front of the door. But I only looked up at it for a second, and didn't even think of turning the knob.


      When I opened my eyes, it was April 11 again. Sunlight was streaming in through the open curtain. When I picked my body up, I was overcome with vertigo and closed my eyes. My surroundings changed to a reddish after image and I saw Taehyung's appearance. He was standing alone atop the observation platform at the beach. That happened on May 22. It was the past and the future, something that had already happened and something that could still happen. It was the moment that I thought everything had been resolved.

      I had seen Taehyung climbing up the platform just as the sun had started to set. The sky was still blue, but it was starting to be touched with a deep red. When I lifted my head, I saw Taehyung climbing. When he reached the top, he looked down at us for a moment. Then he jumped. He leapt like a bird, like he had wings. Then it seemed as if he stopped for a moment in the air, and a mood came over me like the breaking of a mirror, like a cold wind coming in through the curtain.

      And then when I opened my eyes it was today, April 11.


      The Notes 1: 花樣年華 [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life]


        Jin helps his friend escape from mafia goons. The friend explains that his Dad, Mr. Choi has been missing for a week, and that his company has been shut down. The men are out to capture the friend so that the father can be located.They escape to a hill behind the school and hide in an empty lot with exercise equipment. Around 9 p.m, Jin decides to take his friend to his house.

        Jin enters the house and is scolded by his mother for coming home late. He runs to his room which is opposite to his parents’, and opens the window to let his friend enter. They are playing computer games when Jin’s Dad bursts inside the room and asks the friend, “ Are you Mr. Choi’s son?”. He then proceeds to hand him over back to the goons that had been chasing Jin and his friend. Jin tries to stop his Dad but is held by the shoulder firmly and asked to be “ a good kid”. The friend tries to run back to Jin’s room but Jin’s father slams it shut. Jin apologizes to his Dad. The next day the teacher tells him that the friend has been transferred to another school.