• Taehyung’s House can be seen in the You Never Walk Alone graphic lyrics book and in the Run graphic lyrics book!

    • As I started to turn around, I discovered small letters below an 'X.' It was a short sentence scratched into the wall, one that said 'it isn't my fault.' It was that kid. I hadn't seen [her] myself, and I didn't know what [her] handwriting looked like, but somehow I knew. It seemed like a final greeting. Saying that [her] leaving wasn't because of me. That the things that had befallen [her] weren't because I was a bad person. It seemed like it was telling me not to blame myself or torment myself, to be brave.

      When I came to my senses I was in front of my house. From beyond the door I could hear noona's scream. I flung it open and went in. A familiar scene was laid out. I moved to block my father. I grabbed his arm and looked him right in the face. At first he seemed to be shocked, but then he swung a fist. It knocked me out, not for the first time. Noona's crying grew louder. My chin hurt. The smell of rusty metal came from my mouth. Even so, I didn't give up. I grabbed at my father's waist. He gave an angry scream. He beat mercilessly at my back and shoulders, but I held on even tighter.

      It wasn't that it didn't hurt. It wasn't that I wasn't scared. But if I let go, the same daily cycle would repeat. I wanted it to be different. I wanted to change it.

      No. I'm not like my father. I'm going to protect our family.


      I looked down at my hand. It was stained with blood. Suddenly all the strength went out of my legs. I started to collapse, but someone caught me from behind. Murky sunlight was coming in through the window. Someone was crying, and Hoseok hyung was standing wordlessly. The dirty household goods and blanket were spread out as they always were. There was no one there where my father had stood. I couldn't recall when or how he had left the room.

      The rage and sadness I had felt in the moment I attacked him were still intact inside me. I didn't know what had held me back from stabbing him. I didn't know how I could comfort my heart, which seemed like it might go crazy. I didn't want to kill my father, I wanted to die. If I could, I wanted to die in that very moment. I didn't cry. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to kick and destroy and ruin things, I wanted to mess everything up, but I couldn't do any one of those things.

      "Hyung. I'm sorry. I'm okay, so just go." My voice came out drily, at odds with my heart's madness. It didn't seem like my voice. I sent away hyung, who didn't seem like he wanted to leave, and then stared down at my hands. Blood was seeping out from the white bandage. Instead of stabbing my father I had hit the floor with the alcohol bottle. The bottle had shattered and cut my hand. When I closed my eyes, the world spun. What should I think? What should I do? How should I live? When I came to my senses I was looking down at Namjoon hyung's phone number. Even in this situation--no, because I was in this situation, I valued his existence so much more. I wanted to tell him. Hyung, I almost killed my father, my father who raised me, my father beat me like hell every day. No, truthfully, I killed him. I killed him so many times. In my heart I killed him so many times I can't even begin to count them. I want to kill him. I want to utterly kill him. I don't know what to do now, I don't know anything. Hyung. I just want to see you now.


      I took my shoes off and threw my bag and went into the main room. Dad was really there. I didn't think about how long it had been or where he had gone. I only raced thoughtlessly into his embrace. I don't remember clearly what happened after that. Whether the smell of alcohol came first, or the cursing, or the slap to my cheek. I couldn't know what was going on. He smelled of alcohol and when he panted his breath was foul. His eyes were bloodshot and his beard was growing wildly. He hit my face with his large hand. He hit me again and asked what I was looking at. Then he lifted me into the air. His scarlet eyes were frightening, but I was so terrified I couldn't even cry. This wasn't my father. No, this was my father. But it wasn't. My two feet shook in the open air. In the next moment, my head crashed into the wall and I slumped to the floor. It seemed like my head was exploding. My vision flickered and I blinked a few times. My head was filled only with the harsh sound of my father's breathing.


      The Notes 1: 花樣年華 [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life]


        Taehyung comes out of the convenience store and finds the wall where the girl drew her first graffiti and where he had saved her from the police.He says he hasn't met her since then. He finds a large X sprayed over the graffiti. He recalls all the memories they have together and he feels like all of them now feel fake. Under the X, he finds a short sentence ‘’ it’s not your fault’’ which he believes was written by the girl. He recalls the day, when he went looking for his mom. He heads home, Magnolia Mansion to find his alcoholic dad. He keeps repeating "its not your fault" to himself.

      • TAEHYUNG YEAR 20 APRIL 11:

        Taehyung wakes up at home and immediately notices his dad’s smell. He steps out his house and takes a walk by the police station, alley, pedestrian overpass, the railroad tracks and reaches Namjoon’s container. He puts his hand on the doorknob but considers that Namjoon must be asleep and that the dream he had was just a nightmare. He looks around the neighborhood and notices how poor it is. In his nightmare the area around Namjoon’s container was on fire. He heard screams and someone crying in his dream. The door of Namjoon’s container had fallen off, and Taehyung saw bloodstains and flames inside. He saw Namjoon lying on the floor, and someone said that he was dead. His palm hurts.

      • TAEHYUNG YEAR 22 JULY 24:

        Taehyung is climbing the stairs to his house, skipping past broken plates and liquor bottles to find his father passed out. His sister assures him it was not what it looked like, and the woman living nearby had called police because she heard loud noises. Taehyung turns to see the police in their house. Taehyung look at his father’s figure, and thinks of how he worked as a labourer at a construction site.

        Taehyung used to dream of killing his father in his dreams. Once he had actually done it too, and ever since that time, he began sympathizing with him.

        The police officer is someone Taehyung has seen regularly. The officer told him to thank the lady who reported and left. Taehyung asks his sister if she had been in touch with their mother. The sister tells him that their mother missed Taehyung a lot. Taehyung is resentful and asks her for her address and contact information. He wants to just go and release his bitterness and ask her why she thought it would be a good idea to leave them. She tells him she only knows that their mother lives in an apartment in Buk-gu, Munhyeon.

        Taehyung starts towards the north, and eventually realizes Jungkook had followed him.He tells him to go away and starts walking on the bridge. Eventually he feels sorry for Jungkook and asks him if his leg is okay. They stop by a store as they approach town to eat. Taehyung leaves to get some drinks, but when he returns a shabby looking man in a khaki overcoat was eating Taehyung’s unfinished noodles. At that moment some troublemakers trip the man and he falls down. Taehyung tries to fight with the men, and Jungkook joins in too. The shop owner calls the police on them , and they flee.

        A silver car brushes Jungkook lightly and he falls down, stunned. The car belonged to the troublemakers from earlier. Stunned, Jungkook gets up and has some difficulty walking. Taehyung decides it is back for them to head back home.

        Since there is still time for the first bus, Taehyung and Jungkook end up watching the scenery as Taehyung confides in Jungkook how he had followed his mother back when he was a child and she had left them. While walking, his mother had stood still once, and Taehyung did nothing but come back.

        On their way back to Songju in the bus, they spot the man in the khaki overcoat again.

      • TAEHYUNG YEAR 22 MAY 20:

        Jin is observing Taehyung and Hoseok who are walking upto Taehyung’s apartment. Jin is currently in a park located in the hill behind the building which gave a good view of the floor at which Taehyung’s house was. Hoseok drops Taehyung to his house and is about to leave. As Taehyung opens the door and enters inside, Jin calls up Hoseok. He asks him to call Taehyung on the excuse of inviting him to the beach visit he had planned. At first Hoseok laughs it off, saying Taehyung will definitely come but then Jin pushes him to make sure. Then, as he planned, Hoseok turns around and makes his way inside Taehyung’s house.


        Taehyung runs into his father’s arms, happy that he is finally home after long. Suddenly he ends up getting slapped . His father curses at him, asking him what he was looking at. After being slapped some more, Taehyung is raised to the eye level by his Dad. Taehyung is terrified to see the bloodshot eyes and the scruffed collar.The next second he is hurled across the wall and hits his head.