I looked up at the building. There were lights on here and there. Maybe because it was the city center, there were lots of signs for accountants and lawyers. On the top floor, the fifth floor. All of the lights were on. For the last few weeks. Taehyung and I had looked from the tops of all the tallest buildings in Songju. We didn't know what we were looking for. The only clue we had was Taehyung's dream. The can coffee and four-leaf clover he'd seen in his dream. We took that one clue and stayed up all night climbing up and down buildings. It rained for a few days. At first we had brought umbrellas to explore the buildings. But these days we just let ourselves get wet. We found ourselves in a few conflicts because of it. Once, soaking wet, we had been mistaken for hooligans on the building stairs and chased out. It was common for the iron doors to the rooftops to be locked. And it was impossible to check from the landing of the stairs.

    I looked up at the building again. I thought to myself, will this be what we have to find? There was a familiar name on the door. The Offices of Assemblyman Kim Chang-Jun.

    "Who's that”? Taehyung asked.

    I looked over at him, “you don't know?”

    Taehyung looked back at me, his gaze pure and naive and totally unknowing. Lately I had been feeling at a loss about Kim Taehyung. There were things that seemed impossible not to know, but Taehyung really didn't know them. Taehyung looked unhesitatingly at things I was too afraid to look at, and who reached out obstinately to take someone's hand when no one else would extend theirs.

    I said, “it's Seokjin hyung's father.”


    The Notes 1: 花樣年華 [The Most Beautiful Moment in Life]

    • SEOKJIN YEAR 22 JULY 24:

      Jin is called into his Dad’s conference room. He is getting late for Jungkook’s celebration party, but his father’s secretary paid no heed to his appeal. Inside the conference room, there is a presentation on the ‘Redevelopment of Downtown Songju’. On the way here, his Dad had mocked him for still hanging out with his ‘good-for nothing’ friends. He tells him to stop wasting time and instead be of use in assisting his Dad, so he could finally become an adult worth his salt.